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Worthing/Free tutors


Facts that tells you why we are here.

Access to the tutors that support our pupils as they progress through school will mean that those from disadvantaged backgrounds will reach their full academic potential.

Nationally, 71% of pupils leave school achieving a grade 4, or above, in their English and maths GCSEs, but only 44% of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve this benchmark. Only 48% of pupils from low income backgrounds meet expected grades in reading, writing and maths on leaving primary school.  This means that the circumstances we are born into predict our chances of success in life.  While there are many factors that contribute to all of these statistics, the bottom line is that it’s not fair and we should all be working towards a solution

We know that support programs works to improve grades and this impact is not limited to young people from high-income backgrounds either.  Small-group tuition provides a safe space for pupils with low confidence to speak up and learn from their mistakes.  The Education Endowment Foundation has calculated that an intense programme of one-to-one tuition could add as much as five months’ progress to a young person’s schooling.  It works because it is tailored to individual needs and can address misconceptions at the source. With the average cost of a tutor at £30 an hour, it’s unfortunately not an opportunity that is available to all young people.  As more and more young people access private tutors, the gap in attainment between disadvantaged young people and their peers will grow.  We use the power of volunteer tutors and mentors to bridge the gap and ensure support can be accessed by every pupil who needs it, not just those who can afford it.