Inter-Generational Group

This is the first impression of the Inter-Generational Group idea.
The black button leads you to the final product that might be rolled out to the target market.
IIG was first known as generational mentor, however GM now has its own distinct objectives, whilst IGG will simply be seen as a project on GM platform.

Building The Next Generation

Building The Next Generation

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We are an educational venture founded by students for students, with the goal of highlighting careers that are rarely spoken about and highlighting the importance of this stage in their academic life. 

By doing so, we want our students to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment; we want our students to understand the vast number of opportunities and career paths that are out there for them., we want our students to have the ambition to say they can !

Meet the team

Kolina Koneswaran



A brilliant member that has been tutoring since the age of 15. Kolina is currently studying at the outstanding University of Bournemouth. 

Jurgen Forster

Jurgen Forster Generational Mentor


Jurgen will lead the venture and will be the person who will speak in the first presentation. 

Baljan 'Tiger Bliss'


Graphic Designer

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Baljan is the one. Maths and him go hand in hand. He is finishing his degree at Falmouth University.


We want the next generation to be better in every sector they go into, regardless of any limiting socio-economic factors. We believe by listening to the experiences of those before, there is a chance to build structures on the foundations that has been laid.

Our Concerns

Our concerns are to;

increase the confidence in study skills

increase the attainment levels

Our concerns are;

children from service families, 

pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds,

school-children in sea-side towns.